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We offer and design a wide range of handmade bags such as totes , backpacks , cosmetic bags / pouches with a unique touch of Malaysian culture, a different option for the discerning tourist. Our bag designs are modern and contemporary suitable for women of all ages and persuasion. We at Laccaria aim for quality style and uniqueness in the bags we design , catering for both local and international market.
culture kulture on the go is driven by a passion for Malaysia's rich cultural heritage which led a mother and daughter team to embark on a new journey of discovery. ‘Laccaria’ is versatile, bold and artistic and sought out by discriminating customers who want to be different.
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The soul of Laccaria’s work is ‘revival’ with a strong Eastern influence bringing back to life the beautiful intricacies of the ‘Wayang Kulit’or ‘Shadow Puppet, as a reminder of our rich cultural heritage and infusing contemporary designs to reflect the present.
LACCARIA seeks to explore, develop and rejuvenate the ‘Wayang Kulit’ with a modern touch creating a unique style catering to the modern women’s fashion needs. The colours, motifs and texture of our exclusive range reflect the combination of current designs and traditional Malaysian heritage, transforming this into a simple but defining accessory.
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LACCARIA is a company that understands the very essentials of modern women, which is to be ahead of society and at the same time, maintaining their own unique personalities.
LACCARIA shares a universal design which transcends national borders to connect with today’s women from the stylish, urban and cosmopolitan to the easy going casual.

LACCARIA aims to create a new shopping experience for local and international customers by offering them a range of products at affordable prices that is not only different , but also eye catching and fun!

Holistic living, timeless design, natural fabrics and superior quality are some of the core values of Laccaria. Laccaria has succeeded in evoking nostalgic memories of a bygone era by combining contemporary designs, timeless appeal and throwing in some fun in our products.
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LACCARIA aims specifically to make Malaysians proud. Laccaria products are designed with unique signature style and artistic details. Quality, style and uniqueness remain the priority.
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