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cosmetic bags puches canvas handmade
cosmetic bag handle
cosmetic bag sac holdalls
cosmetic bag sac holdalls
cosmetic bag sac holdalls black
cosmetic bag sac holdalls
kerongsang brooch red cosmetic bag chinese
CH5_006 black kerongsang cosmetic bag canvas
cosmetic bag holdalls black zig zag
cosmetic bag holdalls blue zig zag
cosmetic bag holdalls malaysian batik blue
foldable cosmetic bag      
CF3_001 brown cosmetic foldable bag stripe CF3_002 black cosmetic bag CF3_004 foldable cosmetic bag maroon
CF3_004 orange cosmetic bag orange
fringe bag      
denim cosmetic bag cosmetic bag sac holdalls  yellow cosmetic bag sac holdalls  fringe
cosmetic pouch    
brown batik cosmetic bag
blue turqoise wayang kulit motif cosmetic bag
CZT3_001 black kerongsang pouch
black line
Copyright: Laccaria Designs 2012 - Design by : Siewk
LACCARIA shares a universal design which transcends national borders to connect with today’s women from the stylish, urban and cosmopolitan to the easy going casual. Holistic living, timeless design, natural fabrics and superior quality are some of the core values of Laccaria. Laccaria has succeeded in evoking nostalgic memories of a bygone era by combining contemporary designs, timeless appeal and throwing in some fun in our products.